Our worship

Our meeting for worship, which is at the core of Quaker practice, is focused on the response of the human spirit to the call of the Divine. Worship begins when the first worshippers settle into the silence in the main meeting room. Some people arrive before the appointed time and begin to worship, so please enter the worship room quietly. Worship ends when the Clerk of the meeting shakes the hand of another person seated nearby. At that signal, people generally shake hands and greet each other.

Many of us find it helpful to close our eyes for most or all of the worship hour to reduce distractions and increase our focus on the presence of God among us. During worship people may meditate, pray silently, inwardly offer praise or thanksgiving or confession to the Spirit, or reflect on a passage from the Bible or other spiritual reading. In our corporate worship, we seek communion with God. We wait and listen together, seeking divine guidance or inspiration from a source known among us by many names: Wisdom, the Light, the Inward Christ, the Seed, the Word, Jesus, the Lord.

We also profit from texts, including Faith and Practice published by Pacific Yearly Meeting. Once a month we read the Advices and Queries for that month taken from Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice.

Our Meeting now worships online and in-person in a hybrid style. Please contact us for more details.